The Soldier And The Author


After twenty-two years of service to her beloved United States Air Force, Bailey Barker decides to retire. She does so with trepidation. Upon the recent death of her mother, Clarissa, the young Lt. Colonel decides that she must focus on the estate which she inherits. The fortune entails a significant amount of money and land. As she walks across the airfield in Mobile, Alabama, finally “free,” Bailey bemoans the loss of her officer status and position as a registered nurse.

Fear assaults her when she realizes that she has never enjoyed the luxury of wasting time. How does one waste a day? Her last deployment to Afghanistan inflicted a severe case of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome upon this dedicated soldier who sacrificed so much.

Finally arriving at the swanky mansion, which her mother named Sunny, she realizes many more challenges other than settling the massive estate await her. Bailey’s refusal to visit her mom for the past five years now brings incriminating thoughts. What kind of daughter never checks on her dying mother? Immediately on arrival at the swanky mansion, Sunny, the soldier learns that her mother lived with a handsome, much younger, famous author for the past five years? This stranger loved her mom filling her final days with excitement and joy. Where was she when her mother died of cancer? The entire town of Fairhope, Alabama claim to have loved the woman with platinum hair and her famous lover, the author Oliver Greene. Now, the village is hesitant to welcome the child who spurned the “belle of the town.”

Bailey quickly discovers that Oliver Greene is not only kind. He is gorgeous. In no time, the arms which once held her mother, now embrace her. Shame that she would dare to entertain her mother’s lover assaults her as well as the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress from her last deployment to Afghanistan. The young woman has no time to regret her decision of retirement as circumstances pull her into the bizarre life of the beautiful Clarissa Barker.

Award-winning author, Linda Heavner Gerald, recently received the silver medal from Florida Authors and Publishers Association for her work in fiction. She also received international acclaim from NovelUnity as well as voted One of Fifty Great Writers You Should be Reading. Linda lives with her husband in Florida where she writes each day.



AnnaPolis Summers

Does anyone ever recover from the pain of bullying? If you have ever experienced the agony, this tale of a wealthy, young girl who once held the world on a platinum cord will draw you into the story. Anna Polis had it all but during her thirteenth year when she was most vulnerable, the abuse began against her. The realization that life was not as “rosy” as her parents led her to believe hit home. It was aboard the beautiful yacht, Honey, as she “enjoyed” just another summer with her folks. The young woman already suffered from low self-esteem but the ridicule and meanness that the Vanderclift family leveled against her were vicious.

The attacks didn’t subside once summer ended. Kyle was a classmate who would not stop humiliating the girl whom he considered beneath himself. Anna bore the embarrassment until things went too far. Her private school rallied to her side. Not only did she win, she won big! You see, rich kids are also bullied. The meanness doesn’t care about your background or accomplishments.

Once again, life showed up at her door. As she studied at Duke University, she believed that she had things lined up for her life until another foe was born. This formidable opponent desired her very life. Anna fought again. She relinquished everything important to make sure her life was not cut short.

Anna learned a valuable lesson in her fights for happiness. It helps to have friends on which to lean. Even more importantly, the young woman discovered that a power greater than herself had always stood by her side.


Confessions of an Assassin is the story of Catherine Carnegie. Although she was born to a wealthy, prestigious family from New York, her dream was all things Southern. “Cat” finally obtained everything that she dreamed of since her childhood. Once established in the loveliest home in a small southern town, she meets a vaguely familiar man from her college days who changes her life. What begins as a fun diversion attending state dinners in Washington, soon immerses her in a dangerous secret government agency. Despite attempts to withdraw from their clutches, she realizes that they are ruthless and unwilling to ever let her leave. Her assignments become more dangerous; she is sent to various places all over the globe. Like a drug, the danger escalates, she is addicted to that lifestyle. Eventually, she receives her most heart-wrenching assignment in Bali, Indonesia which will change her life forever. Then the package arrives without warning which sets her free.

This book was awarded the prestigious FAPA Award for 2017 Fiction: Chick Lit Genre.

Author, Linda Heavner Gerald

Welcome to the official web page of Linda Heavner Gerald. I hope that you will check out my books. Please leave a message. I will respond. Thank you.

Linda Heavner Gerald was recently awarded the FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association) Award for Fiction. She holds with gratitude her silver medal for the book: Confessions of an Assassin.



Local folklore in the bayous of Louisiana states that Claire’s House once stood on a special plot of land. Many men perished trying to own it. The Gautier family obtained the cherished place. Beloved members of this French family finally decided to build a second home there. The beautiful antebellum home which they designed won everyone’s heart in the New Orleans area.

Eventually, tales of strange occurrences resulted in the locals fear of the great house. Was it true that it even became a House of Ill-Repute by the Madame Savannah? Such strange stories circulated. Many stated that House could feel emotions of those who inhabited her. This noble structure stood for many decades until the death of the most beloved owner, Savannah. Upon her death, it is said that Claire’s House self-imploded. Although she was named Claire’s House, someone else won her heart.

This is the story of Claire’s House and her most beloved character, Savannah Smith. Be prepared to read non-stop. It is impossible to lay Claire’s House aside.

Fun at the beach



The happy Allen clan left their home in Michigan for a two-week vacation at the beautiful Cape San Blas, Florida. Tired of the snow and cold temperatures, they were all very excited. Especially excited were Bain and his dog, Red. Bain told exciting stories to Red for the two-day drive. When they finally arrived, all was perfect. At least, until the fireworks exploded one night. The hateful sounds frightened Red. When frightened, he would run. The red dog ran so far that he lost his family. What adventures he wants to share with you. The most important thing is that even with the sadness of his loss, he finds happiness. Many strangers offer him their love and support. Red will continue searching for Bain and the others but he is grateful for the friends at this wonderful and strange place. All proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the Gulf County Humane Society.
This book was published by Lime Pie Publishers.

Dottie's Story


Dottie George lovingly describes her relationship with Mr. Harry Grover and his first wife, Edwina. She worked as a maid at their estate in Millbrook, New York until the day that the couple received news that Ms. Edwina had an inoperable brain tumor. On the same day, Edwina put a handgun into her mouth and pulled the trigger.

As she tried to help her employer through those dark days, a strong bond developed between employer and maid. Their relationship became more like two old friends. When Dottie arrived early one morning to discover Mr. Grover cooking breakfast for a strange, younger woman, her shock was impossible to hide. No other woman could ever compare to the first Mrs. Grover, but this stranger would change their lives.

Enchanted is a Romantic/Suspense about the relationship between Harry Grover and his second love. The remarkable thing about this love, which sets it apart from other love stories, is that this woman does not possess a memory.

While standing in the Metropolitan Museum of Art on a balmy fall day, the young woman, with blue-black hair, discovers that the only thing she knows for sure is that she has a ticket to a gala event at the Met and a tube of Lancome lipstick enveloped inside a shiny new purse.

Slowly, the line inches into the grand entrance hall. The patrons, who surround her, are happy and discuss their lives. This beautiful woman stands alone hoping that soon, someone will return to her side. Together, they will laugh at her predicament. How could she not possess memory? That never happens.

Eventually, she encounters a handsome, older man. When she tearfully recounts her story of distress, the widower is drawn into her life. He suggests that she return to his estate. There are several guest cottages where she is welcome to stay for a few days. They both hope that her memory soon will return.

Fearfully, the woman with no memory agrees that she has no other alternative but to accompany him; unless she desires a cot in the local jail or homeless shelter. Quickly, the two realize there is a strong attraction between them. They also are aware of the strange situation they find themselves. At any moment, this woman may remember a husband and children.

Mr. Grover must resist any feelings for her. The decision, of protecting her until family arrives, allows her to remain with him. As he strives to help her, this kind man, puts his feelings aside. He does everything in his power to locate her family.

Dottie and Mr. George name the woman, Elizabeth. A different battle is encountered by the new guest. Although she returns his love, she must hide feelings for the handsome widower. The woman, with no memory, experiences terrible nightmares. Frequently, she sees the face of an angry blonde. The anger, which is exhibited toward Elizabeth from this person, haunts her. Is it possible that the cause of amnesia is insanity? Even worse, what did she do to cause such hatred from this nameless figure who harasses her during sleep? Could she, Elizabeth, be an evil person? Wishing to protect Mr. Grover from any pain, it is imperative that she not become involved.

Two damaged souls discover love at last. It is torture that they must hide their true feelings to prevent causing pain to the other. Despite their refusal of acknowledgment, the two discover happiness. They both enjoy the beautiful home that Grover built with his first wife, Edwina. Here, in the home named Enchanted, they take long walks and develop an easy life together. Even though they do not share a bed, they share a pristine love.

Travel all around the world on Cunard lines, the Orient Express, ferries, trains, buses and planes only strengthen their love. Hysterical events occur as they travel. Although Grover insists on the very best, he enjoys creating a few surprises such as the third class train from Greece to Istanbul.

Dottie recounts Elizabeth’s trek in Europe with fondness. When the couple finally returns home to Enchanted, their love is deep and impenetrable. It is apparent that they accept feelings of love. Still, they avoid passion.

Harry’s best friend, Don Donahue, deeply loved Edwina. His friendship with the couple lasted many decades. He resents this new woman. Believing that she will only hurt his friend, he reasons with Grover to remove her from his life. Soon, a decision is required. Of course, Elizabeth wins over the old friend. Anger grows to hatred in Donahue. His attempt to eliminate her from the scene is horrible. Once again, Ms. Dottie is the savior of Harry Grover.

Surprisingly, a blow to Elizabeth’s head during a confrontation with Donahue is the spark which results in the return of her memory. What she discovers is terrible for the future of the lovers. It is imperative that the woman, with memory, return to her family. Grover’s worse fears that she may have children are realized when her memory returns. Complicating things, even more, are other facts. Elizabeth’s actions in her past life were incomprehensible.

As they drive from New York to her home on the Gulf of Mexico, the couple admits this is the end for them. It is heartbreaking to know that the dream they once enjoyed is over. Their beautiful life must cease. Commitments call to the woman with blue-black hair. No more long walks around the pond at Enchanted.

Two stories are at play in this compelling story of love and denial. The bond between a damaged man and woman; as well as the desperate love of a family for a missing wife and mother.

Who will win the heart of Elizabeth? Enchanted draws you into a web of lost memories as well as dreams for an enchanting future.



Slowly the sweet, thick nectar produced by hundreds of bees magically formed in hives scattered throughout the small town of Honeyville, Florida. Famous for Tupelo Honey and purple azaleas, the stoic residents of hot steamy summers hid their secrets well. Even the revered ladies, famous for their patriotism, had collected ancestral facts best left buried in crumpled sheets of yellowing tissue decades old. Detective Sue Gibbs methodically chipped away at the perfect facades but it was she who was about to discover secrets hidden in the innocent faces that would change their world forever.

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