AnnaPolis Summers

Does anyone ever recover from the pain of bullying? If you have ever experienced the agony, this tale of a wealthy, young girl who once held the world on a platinum cord will draw you into the story. Anna Polis had it all but during her thirteenth year when she was most vulnerable, the abuse began against her. The realization that life was not as “rosy” as her parents led her to believe hit home. It was aboard the beautiful yacht, Honey, as she “enjoyed” just another summer with her folks. The young woman already suffered from low self-esteem but the ridicule and meanness that the Vanderclift family leveled against her were vicious.

The attacks didn’t subside once summer ended. Kyle was a classmate who would not stop humiliating the girl whom he considered beneath himself. Anna bore the embarrassment until things went too far. Her private school rallied to her side. Not only did she win, she won big! You see, rich kids are also bullied. The meanness doesn’t care about your background or accomplishments.

Once again, life showed up at her door. As she studied at Duke University, she believed that she had things lined up for her life until another foe was born. This formidable opponent desired her very life. Anna fought again. She relinquished everything important to make sure her life was not cut short.

Anna learned a valuable lesson in her fights for happiness. It helps to have friends on which to lean. Even more importantly, the young woman discovered that a power greater than herself had always stood by her side.