Will He?

Will He? begins with the frightened Laura as she losses both of her parents in Newport, Rhode Island.  Whisked away to Frascatti, Italy to live with her aunt Sophia whom she barely knows; a young girl develops true beauty.  She is forced to learn a new way of life but she discovers love which she never experienced.  Eventually, the secret that is hidden surfaces.  Everyone in the small town of Frascatti has heard the rumblings of something so hideous about this family that it is not discussed.  Laura is horrified but rushes back to Newport to face her twin brother, Lars.  It is apparent that both of these children are geniuses.  Their gift is art.  As the gifted brother and sister square off against each other, innocent friends are destroyed.  The ending is a complete surprise.  The perfect summer read if you love thrillers.

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Will He?
5 of 5 stars
My favorite book so far. This book will transport you first of all to Newport, R.I. Laura faces the death of both of her parents alone. Surrounded by all of the worldly treasures, she has no relationship with her twin brother. Why? …
betrayal, christian, friendship, grief, love, murder, sailing, susp…


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